10 Things I Hate About You: Guide To All Seattle Filming Locations

10 Things I Hate About You is a 1999 American teen romantic comedy movie starring Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Krumholtz and Larisa Oleynik. It was written by Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith and directed by Gil Junger. The producer of the film was Andrew Lazar. The film was released on March 31, 1999, and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. This teen movie attained both critical and commercial acclaim. It also provided significant breakthroughs for Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Later, the film was adapted to a television series with the same name and had twenty episodes.

The film is a loose adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew with the story set in 1999’s Seattle, revolving around a bad boy trying to impress a shrewish girl for money.

The top-notch aspect of this romantic comedy is the way they showed Seattle. The movie used actual areas from Seattle as the filming locations.

Where Was 10 Things I Hate About You Filmed?

You can say that this film was the one that introduced Fremont Troll to the world. Just like the Troll, many sites in Tacoma, including Stratford house and Padua High School (Stadium High School in real-life), were used as the filming locations. Most of the film is set in March. The most surprising thing is how the creators captured the rare “Sunny Seattle,” which cannot be seen often today.

The film has also used locations such as Kerry Park, Century Ballroom, Paramount Theatre and Gas Works Park.

Fremont Troll

This is where Cameron James (Gordon Levitt) and Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik) plot out how to set up her older sister, Kat, with a boy. Fremont Troll is a public mixed media sculpture of Fremont, Seattle, Washington. The Troll is an enormous statue made of rebar, wire, steel and concrete. It is based on the Norwegian folklore “Billy Goat’s Gruff.” You can see the giant is holding a car that has just been taken from the road above. It is an actual Volkswagen Beetle with a license plate registered in California. Initially, there was a time capsule and a plaster bust of Elvis Presley inside the car, which was then stolen when the statue was demolished. Based on how it is shown in the movie, you can see that this place must have been a favorite for the director.

Address: N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N., right below the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge (the Aurora Bridge)

Price To Visit: Free

Gas Works Park

One of the best scenes happens here. Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) and Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) have their date (more like a romantic adventure) in the paintball field in Gas Works Park. This location might be a slight disappointment for the visitors as it does not have a paintball field in it. However, the park is known for its rolling green fields and perfect sky view. It still remains one of the city’s favorite green spots. The park was designed by Richard Haag, who then became the winner of the American Society of Landscape Architects President’s Award of Design Excellence because of this project. This spot was introduced to the public in 1975. Most summer concerts and the 4th of July firework show are held here.

Address: 2101 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington

Price To Visit: Free

Paramount Theater

In the film, the high school prom takes place in the Paramount Theater. There is a wide staircase with wood-capped, cut-iron pole lines in which Kat walks up to Patrick. When the couple is on the balcony, the audience has an exquisite view of the building’s lobby. Paramount Theater was built in 1928 by Paramount Pictures. This place is mainly used for film screenings and vaudeville plays. The historic architecture of the building is mind-blowing and a treat to see. Various rich colors, including gold, brown and a hint of blue, reach each corner of the tall, marble walls, which are lit brightly by crystal chandeliers.

Address: 911 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington 98101

Price To Visit: Varies according to the event

Kerry Park

Kerry Park has been used in many films. This spot gives an excellent view of the skyline, placing the Space Needle at the center, Mount Rainier in the back and Elliott Bay in the west. It shows the full view of Seattle, making it a perfect shot for almost any film based in Seattle. Kerry Park is a public park and viewpoint located on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill.

Address: 211 West Highland Drive, Seattle, Washington

Price To Visit: Free

Stadium High School

This is a public high school in Tacoma that looks a lot like a castle. It is also a historic landmark. You can find it in many of the scenes that happen right outside the school. Originally, the building was constructed in 1891 as a luxury hotel similar to a French chateau. Due to the panic of 1893, the construction was halted. Then, the unfinished building was used as a storage facility. After that, the building was re-designed by Frederick Heath to use as a school in 1906, and a stadium bowl was added in 1910. The stadium bowl is also a part of the filming locations of the movie. The most memorable scene that takes place in the bowl is the alluring solo performance by Patrick singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” across the stone arena to impress Kat.

Address: 111 North E Street, Tacoma, Pierce, Washington 98403

Century Ballroom

At the prom, the charming dancing scenes are shot at Century Ballroom. The ballroom is typically used for dining and dancing in Seattle. There are many private dance classes being conducted as well. The ballroom has two open spaces for weddings, receptions, company parties or meetings, bar/bat mitzvahs, photo and video shoots, workshops, rehearsals and performances. It also has a restaurant with Seattle-based food and drink.

Address: 915 E Pine, 2nd floor, Seattle, WA 98122

Price To Visit: Free

Lake Union

Kat and Patrick have a romantic moment while wading through the water of Lake Union on a paddleboat. This is the moment when Kat says that she disappointingly lives her life so that she cannot be hurt. However, Patrick says that she has failed to do so because she has never disappointed him. This is when Patrick notices the Gas Works Park and asks Kat if she wants to have a paintball fight. It is Lake Union’s proximity and scenic view that make it a popular recreational site to visit. There are floating homes on the east and west side of the lake. Overall, it would be perfect for riding in a paddleboat.

Address: 860 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA

Price To Visit: Free

Stratford House

This building is the house of Kat and Bianca. Many of you may have been quite impressed with the Stratford house. It is a 5-bedroom Victorian house that was constructed in 1907. The home is located in North Tacoma on 28th North Street. It was put on the market for $1.6 million and sold for $1.54 million in 2018.

Address: 2715 N Junett St, Tacoma, WA 98407

Aurora Bridge

This bridge creates the perfect shot at sunrise and sunset. As a result, the bridge is used as one of the Seattle establishing shots in the beginning of many films. Aurora Bridge is a cantilever and truss bridge above Lake Union’s west end and links Queen Anne and Fremont. It is owned and maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation. On a beautiful day, walking across the Aurora Bridge and sipping coffee would be pure bliss.

Address: Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Price To Visit: Free

10 Things I Hate About You is an everlasting teen movie that has won over countless hearts. The reason behind its success is its brilliant cast, funny script, the classic trend of fashion used, a new approach of showing Shakespeare’s novel, and most importantly, its beautiful and convincing locations. The castle-like high school has its own presence in the film. Each location mentioned in this article has a massive impact on the film as well. The Paramount Theater is used for the prom, Century Ballroom is for the dance, Gas Works Park is for the paintball fight and Lake Union is used for the paddleboat ride.

Still, many tourists remember these places, constantly calling them the “places from 10 Things I Hate About You” and trying to visit all of them when they are in Seattle. This film is one of those films that has helped Seattle gain popularity. So, it has become more than just a teen movie. Its iconic shots, scenes and locations have won over every citizen of Seattle.