They Shall Not Grow Old

One of the most popular documentaries of the recent past, They Shall Not Grow Old was released in 2018. But where was it filmed? In this article, we answer that and many other curious questions about the film. No Single Answer For Where The Movie Was Filmed Yes, there is no single answer to where …

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Where Was Alexander Filmed?

There are a lot of valid criticisms of the 2004 movie Alexander. (The fairest is arguably Colin Farrell’s accent). But one thing that can be raved about is the scenery.  The film follows the story of the real-life Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was a king of Macedonia but who conquered many lands and …

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Where Was The Shootist Filmed?

The Shootist, released in 76, is an incredibly meta swang song movie. It featured gunslinging J.B.Books on his last limbs, looking for a quick and honorable way out before terminal cancer could render him an undignified husk of the man he once was.  The symmetrization of John Wayne and his character, Books, is unmistakable. Not …

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