Where Was The Shootist Filmed?

The Shootist, released in 76, is an incredibly meta swang song movie. It featured gunslinging J.B.Books on his last limbs, looking for a quick and honorable way out before terminal cancer could render him an undignified husk of the man he once was.  The symmetrization of John Wayne and his character, Books, is unmistakable. Not …

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Where Was House 1985 Filmed?

Made in 1985, House is an American comedy film that was directed by Chicago-born Steve Miner and produced by Sean S. Cunningham, who both frequently worked together.  Notable stars include Kay Lenz, Richard Moll, and George Wendt. Wondering where it was filmed? Read on to discover! House follows the story of author Roger Cobb (played …

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Where Was Beetlejuice Filmed?

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice (1988) is widely considered one of the best pop-culture works of gothic surrealism of the late 20th century. An incredible success for what was only Burton’s 2nd ever feature-length movie, the film follows an unlucky couple who, having recently moved into an old country house in Connecticut, die in a car accident and …

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