Where was Dumb and Dumber filmed? Know More

The Farrelly brothers took the world by comedic storm with Dumb and Dumber and skyrocketed Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels into global fame. So it’s no wonder that the 1994 film is still as watched and spoken about as the day it premiered.

The film follows the slap-stick comedy of the duo, as they try to return a briefcase of money from Providence to Aspen in the hopes of returning it to the beautiful Lauren Holly (Mary Swanson).

The hi-jinx film-making style of the Farrelly brothers set the viewers up for over 90 minutes of laughter, friendship, and the delights of the comedy styling of Carry and Daniels, who remained friends long after meeting on set.

Although the film is set across a long journey with numerous, miss-conceived stops and interjections along the way, they did not film in many places. Because of this, the budget was relatively low compared to what they earned making it. 

As with most of the Farrelly films, like The Three Stooges (2012), Hall Pass (2011), and Me, Myself and Irene (2000), some of the sets of the film were located in Rhode Island, where brothers are from.

A Nod to Their Home State

Their home state can be identified by certain visual cues, and especially in Dumb and Dumber.

With Harry and Lloyd traveling from Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, a cultural landmark can be spotted in a part of the film. The milestone is the famous Big Blue Bug, a 58-foot long mascot of the Big Blue Bug Solutions Pest Control company. They have proudly worked in the home state of the Farrelly brothers since 1980.

This is a beautiful way to pay homage to the state that you have lived in and immortalizes an essence of Providence for many years to come, and maybe long after the company no longer exists.

Outside of the film, you can catch a glimpse of the Big Blue Bug for yourself and transport yourself to the set of Dumb and Dumber. You will see the colossal bug from 1-95 at O’Connell Street, based in Lower South Providence.

It’s a cultural landmark and film relic that shouldn’t be missed.

Mary’s New England Mansion

It’s no surprise that a woman carrying around a briefcase filled with cash would live an extraordinary life, and so why should her home be any different?

Though the film suggests that Mary Swanson’s home is in New England, the 1975 property can be found in Utah, twenty minutes down from Salt Lake City.

The French mansion can be found at Quail Run, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Sandy, Utah.

The beautiful scenery is one of the many reasons the Farrelly brothers picked the location for Dumb and Dumber. It is a romantic nuance to the film that contrasts the slapstick comedy and Hi-jinx situations of Harry and Lloyd.

The property stretches over 20 acres of land, and if that is as fancy as Mary herself, then I don’t know what is.

Though the property is no longer the home of the wealthy, it is a place of great beauty, behind a landscape of mountains and forests, as well as its own vineyard and farm. The property now houses a restaurant. The good news is the building has managed to keep its French charm and quirks.

It hosts wedding venues and overnight stays, where the charm of Utah can be seen from the land.

You can even browse the film location on their website or view the images beneath from their website also.

The Van Dressed As A Dog

Harry and Lloyd use a van, which was intended for dog grooming to travel across the country searching for Mary. Though the van doesn’t quite make it all the way, there are some interesting stops on their journey.

Most of the shots where the friends are on the road are filmed in Fort Morgan, based in Colorado’s eastern plains. This snowy state is later used in the film for its final scenes. And thank god for that, or else the infamous snot icicles from Jim Carrey’s nose just wouldn’t have made sense.

Fort Morgan was the clear choice for the Farrelly brothers, as it is home to many truck-stops, diners, and motels, to break up the long journey. In addition, filming in this area offered them a way also to bring filming costs down.

But then again, why not film on the road and what happens to be there? It sure made one timeless comedy film.

Dreaming of Aspen

Harry and Lloyd eventually arrive at the correct destination to find Mary and return her money. However, all is not what it seems, especially when film magic comes out to play.

As the comedy duo rides into town, they are on the High Street in Breckenridge, Central Colorado, which rests slightly above the Aspen Ski Resort. It was likely a conscious choice to save money for the studio, though perfect for the snowy setting, as the small area of land can be covered in snowfall for most of the year.

Through ‘Aspen’, the mini bike ride was filmed on Main Street, Park City, Utah.

Both places have outstanding natural beauty and can be visited by tourists and film fans alike throughout the seasons, so that you can get a real-world experience, just like the filmmakers did.

Not only this, but Breckenridge appears in other shots in Dumb and Dumber, and none more famous than when Harry sticks his tongue to the Ski Lift pole, and it freezes onto the metal. It is an image that is stuck into the brains of millions of fans worldwide.

This scene was shot at Copper Mountain Resort, which is still widely visited today.

‘Here’s Johnny!’

The ‘Danbury Hotel’, where Harry and Lloyd stay and subsequently purchase a Lamborghini, is actually the Stanley Hotel. This hotel is where Stephen King’s inspiration came from for his book, The Shining.

And though Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation wasn’t filmed at the Stanley Hotel, the later TV adaptation was.

Most importantly, Dumb and Dumber was filmed in the ghostly hotel that rose to fame with ghost hunters and supernatural enthusiasts alike.

The hotel was also used in other scenes during the Farrelly brother’s film, such as when Lloyd waits for Mary in the ‘Avalanche Bar and Grill’. Though Mary is nowhere to be found in the film, that live-set is still the functioning bar at the Stanley Hotel.

Though Harry and Lloyd don’t meet any ghosts and goblins during the film, you might be able to hunt them down at the hotel yourself and even stay in room217, where King created one of his finer works.

This hotel can be found at 333 West Wonder View Avenue, Estes Park, Colorado.

The Snowy Owl Benefit

The benefit, where chaos and comedy ensued, can be found, reborn, as a live music venue, situated in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The property was once the Union Pacific Railroad Depot, and most importantly, was that during the time that Dumb and Dumber was filmed.

Nowadays, you can go and wet your whistle, grab a bite to eat, and listen to the local and national music.

And though you won’t bump into Harry or Lloyd, you can be sure that they once resided inside of those walls.

The scene of antics and tomfoolery can be found at 400 West South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nicholas Andre’s home and the Aspen chalet can be found in Dee Valley, Utah.

Against the backdrop of rolling hills and an expanse of farmland and open green land. The area is astonishingly beautiful and also aids the filmmakers and studios in keeping the film inside of its budget.

Though looking back on the film’s success and its continued relevance in popular culture, there needn’t have been any money worries in the first place. Unfortunately, though, that’s the golden rule of Hollywood, a film has to make twice back what it cost to make, or it’s considered a failure.

Interior Shots

Despite the previously mentioned locations, most of the internal shots were filmed inside studios, and one particular favorite of the Farrelly brothers, Intermountain Studios in Orem, Utah.

This provides the crew with ample equipment and resources to capture the correct image when the lighting and surroundings can’t be affected by the night’s turn or a change in weather conditions. In addition, it makes the filming process run even better, leaving more time for the creators to enjoy filming out in the wilderness.

If You Like The Farrelly Brothers

There are many other films that you can look at from the brothers, and some have recurring cast members. After all, if something’s good, why change it? 

Films like There’s Something About Mary, Shallow Hal, Kingpin, Stuck On You, and The Heartbreak Kid.

The Farrelly brothers make many fun films for the family and genuinely a belly chuckle waiting to happen.