Where was ‘Magic Mike’ Filmed? Xquisite Strip Club & More

Magic Mike is one of the most popular films in which Channing Tatum has starred. The film follows the story of Mike, a regular dude who works odd jobs in the day. He shines in the night as people know him by the name Magic Mike. He is a performer at a strip club called Xquisite. The story grows when he comes across a nineteen-year-old boy called Adam, who has a lot of potential for the job. Matthew McConaughey plays the role of Dallas, Mike’s boss. Here’s some interesting trivia. Did you know that Tatum has worked as a stripper in reality too?

Anyway, if you are a fan of this film that showed stripping in a different light, you might be curious to know where does Magic Mike takes place. Well, the answer is mentioned below.

Where Was the Film Shot?

A good chunk of Magic Mike was filmed in Florida, Tampa, and other nearby places. As most of the story revolves around the Xquisite club, people are curious to know if it’s real. If you are among them, you should know that the exterior of the place was shot at Wilson Bar that is located in St Petersburg. The interior of the club was from a nightclub named Platinum Live that is located in LA. It is now closed.

Where Did Channing Tatum Meet Alex Pettyfer

People often wonder where did Channing Tatum, Mike meets Alex Pettyfer, Adam. They meet at a house Mike is working on. That house is located in Tierra Verde.

Specific Scenes’ Locations

A scene in the film where Brooke, her boyfriend, and Adam met was shot in Ybor City. The scene where Mike spots joanna having dinner with someone was shot at a fine dining restaurant at East 7th Avenue. The bridge from where Adam and Mike jump into the water was shot on a bridge located in Pinellas Bayway. Three Rooker Island was chosen to shoot the Fourth of July party.

The final scene between Mike and Adam was shot at Treasure Island. Some scenes of the film were also shot at Tarpon Springs, a Pinellas County construction site, Fort Desoto Bridge, Playa del Rey, and the Dunedin coast.

The address of the Xquisite club given in the film doesn’t even exist.

Tatum Insisted on Shooting in Tampa Bay

Channing Tatum, who hails from Tampa Bay, insisted that the film should be shot in the area. As the Warner Bros. release was inspired by his previous experiences as a stripper Chan Crawford, his opinion matters a lot.

Magic Mike was explicitly set in Tampa, but it was also shot in Pinellas County and Los Angeles. Some of the popular Tampa Bay locations you can see when you see Magic Mike are listed here.

  • Wilson’s Sports Lounge- It served as the exterior of the Xquisite club where Mike worked.
  • The Amphitheatre – Mike and Adam bond at this nightclub where Tatum had worked years ago.
  • Caddy’s on the Beach – Adam and Mike can be seen drinking at this bar and discuss their future as strippers.
  • Sands Point Drive in Tierra Verde- Here, Mike and Adam did a day job.

The Reason for Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL Success

As Channing Tatum had worked as a stripper for real life, he had enough stories to share during the filming of Magic Mike and its sequel Magic Mike XXL (in which Steven Soderbergh offered a helping hand). Both the films earned over £220 million worldwide. Of course, the Warner Bros. films glamorized what it feels like to work as a stripper. People who have enjoyed watching the Warner Bros. films would probably find stripping gross if they were to do it.

Matthew McConaughey Prepped for the Role Seriously

To play the role of Dallas, a strip club owner who just wants money and nothing else, Matthew McConaughey visited many strip clubs with Channing Tatum.

Being a Stripper Didn’t Feel Good

Tatum was also able to relate to the character as there were days when he worked as a male stripper. Channing had stated in an interview that he disliked taking his clothes off, felt like a nobody when he did it, and the job made him do drugs and drink a lot! Though he is gorgeous, as a male stripper, he only earned 150 dollars a night, including the lap dances. So, the glamor shown in Steven Soderbergh films is not as appealing as it seems on screen.

Real-Life Magic Mike?

A stripper called Michael Sorrentino, who had worked as a stripper with Channing in the past, claimed that he was the inspiration behind Mike’s character or he was the real Magic Mike. He even said he was considering legal action as he wasn’t consulted about the Magic Mike film that was released in 2012. He also said that he had taught Channing the ins and outs of the industry. Sorrentino also insisted that his stage name for Magic Mike for 8 years and the 2012 film was about his real-life story.


Who Starred in Magic Mike and What Roles They Played?

Channing Tatum played the role of Magic Mike, Alex Pettyfer was Adam, Matthew McConaughey was Dallas, Cody Horn was Brooke, Joe Manganiello was Big Dick Richie, Olivia Munn was Joanna and Matt Bomer was Ken.

Is Magic Mike a true story?

No, it is not a true story. However, it is inspired by true events from the lives of various people, even Channing Tatum.

Is Magic Mike Set in Tampa?

Yes, a good chunk of the film was shot in Tampa. Channing Tatum, who played the role of Magic Mike, insisted on it.

Did Channing Tatum Do the Dancing in Magic Mike?

Yes, Channing Tatum danced in the film. He was probably inspired by his days as a male stripper. He also visited many strip clubs to prepare for the film. His acting was also likely inspired by the past events of his life.