Where Was Twilight Filmed?


Opening Credit Deer Chase – Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Officially inaugurated into the Oregon Film Trail, the fifteenth sign is found in Silver Falls State Park, where that gorgeous deer in the movie’s first scene was frolicking around and being hunted – what a sneaky little metaphor!

It was also the filming location for that epic run through the forest, aka “Hold on tight, spider monkey,” when Edward sweeps Bella onto his back and zooms through the trees at an alarming speed as she clings on for dear life.

Forks, Washington –  Vernonia, Oregon

When Bella leaves behind the dusty deserts of Phoenix, Arizona (which in Twilight is actually filmed in Santa Clarita, California) for Forks, the movie actually takes us to Vernonia, a small logging town on the edge of the Nehalem River in Oregon.

Not far up the road in Damascus, you’ll also be able to pay a visit to Carver Cafe, the real life diner where Charlie and Bella head out for her favorite meal when she first arrives. Which is? C’mon, you know this! Steak and cobbler!

Forks High School – Kamala High School + Madison High School, Portland, Oregon

What’s referred to as Forks High in the movie is actually two different schools, Kamala and Madison High respectively, each being used for various scenes that take place, including the cafeteria where Bella sees Edward for the first time.

It’s also the sight of the “Scottsdale, Arizona” hospital room where Bella ends up after being attacked by James towards the end of the movie, and perhaps most importantly, the parking lot where Edward saves her from becoming roadkill.

The Meadow – The Redwoods, Griffith Park Golf Course, Los Angeles 

Throughout all five movies, Edward and Bella’s special romantic backdrop is a beautiful meadow – it even appears several times in her dreams! You’ll find it deep in The Redwoods, a forest by Griffith Park Golf Course in LA.

Unfortunately, non-golfers are not permitted onto the green, and to get to the forest itself, you’ll have to traverse some tricky pathways – but hey, there’s always Google Maps Street View, right?

Edward’s Big Reveal – Stone Cliff Inn, Carver, Portland

For that pivotal moment – “I know what you are” … “Say it. Out loud.” –  where Edward first reveals his gorgeous, glittering skin to a bewildered Bella, look no further than the Stone Cliff Inn, by the Clackamas River.

It’s also the setting for the infamous quote – “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,” and if you want to visit, there are several signs and photographs from the original filming to be found – it’s ideal for a day trip!

LaPush – Indian Beach, Ecola State Park

“It’s La Push, baby!” …well, actually, it’s Indian Beach. In these scenes, Bella heads to the popular surfing spot with her new school friends, only to bump into Jacob Black, who has a really interesting story to tell her about the Cold Ones.

Many fans have taken a stroll along the sandy beaches of Ecola State Park, and if you need help convincing your family and friends to accompany you for a visit, it’s also been featured in classic films The Goonies and Point Break!

Port Angeles, Washington – Olde Towne District, St Helens

When Bella begrudgingly joins Angela and Jessica for prom dress shopping in Port Angeles, they are actually still in Portland. Petit Jolie, the store they try gowns on in, is actually Angel Hair Salon – they just redecorated for the occasion.

In the same vein, the bookstore Bella desperately wants to visit, Thunderbird and Whale, is just somebody’s private office building, so you’ll have to go elsewhere to find your cool books about vampires. Or order online – why didn’t Bella just do that?

Likewise, The Bloated Toad restaurant, where Edward takes Bella for some ravioli after rescuing her from a gang of suspicious looking men and demonstrates his mind reading skills is actually a construction company’s base. They made it look so fancy!

Vampire Baseball – The Shire, Washougal, Washington

Never again will we listen to SuperMassiveBlackHole by Muse in the same way – for the epic baseball match conducted under cover of lightning, head down to The Shire in Washougal, Washington, just off of State Road 14, opposite Multnomah Falls.

Nowadays, it’s an overgrown grassy field, a far cry from the giant mown fields where the Cullens partake in the great American pastime. As the area is currently owned by the University of Oregon, it’s private property, so you may not be able to see it.

Charlie Swan’s House – St. Helens, Oregon, United States

Approximately 20 miles east of Vernonia, you’ll find Charlie Swan’s house in St Helen’s by the Washington border, where Bella takes up residence at the start of the movie after her mom and Phil head out to sunny Arizona.

Die hard Twi-hards will be thrilled to know this former film set is now an AirBNB residence for rent – you can sleep in Bella Swan’s childhood bedroom! The owners take bookings 12 months in advance, so have your calendar ready!

The Cullen House – Private Residence, West Linn, Oregon

Built from wood and cantilevered glass by Skylab Architects for a privately owned home, the Cullen’s house is also found in Oregon, and it’s just as epic and impressive in person with all of those beautiful floor to ceiling windows.

As it’s somebody’s literal home, we would advise against trespassing on their property for the sake of a photo, though it’s really easy to drive by for a sneaky peak if you’re determined to have a real life look.

Monte Carlo Prom Night – The View Point Inn, Portland, Oregon

Remember when Bella went to prom with her broken leg and slow danced with Edward to Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine? And we all actually thought he was going to turn her into a beautiful immortal right there?

All of those gorgeous scenes, lit up by fairy lights, were filmed at The View Point Inn. Tragically, the second floor was destroyed by a fire in 2011, and in 2014, reports suggested that restoration was unlikely to go ahead any time soon.

What about the other movies?

As with any film franchise, the locations for each movie are different every time. Whether you’re a New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn super fan, you’ll have to do your own research to find where the primo locations were for those films.

It’s worth pointing out that the Cullen house and Charlie Swan’s place stayed in the same place throughout, however, so don’t go disturbing innocent residents with similar looking homes for a photo opportunity!

Please do seek permission from whatever authorities control the various places before heading out on your visits, however, and remember that rules can change over time. Don’t just take our word for it!