Where Was Walk in the Clouds Filmed?

A walk in the clouds is a beautiful American romantic drama film, starring none other than the iconic and legendary Keanu Reeves (that’s right, Reeves doesn’t always have to star in an action film full of death, sometimes he can star in a romance, his acting skills know no end!)

It was released in 1995, and it was directed by Alfonso Arau, and the plot follows a young soldier returning home from World War II, and the many problems that he faces when trying to settle down and have a family.

To set the mood for the plot, this whimsical and beautiful romance is set in Northern California’s wine country, and if you’re interested in touring the different locations where it was filmed, you should know that it can also double up as a wine tasting tour!

That could be one way to convince someone that isn’t a fan of the film to tour the locations with you…

The entire movie was shot around different areas of the Napa Valley wineries, as they offered the perfect romantic setting for the characters and the plot. 

Image is taken from “A walk in the clouds”, filmed around different areas of the Napa Valley wineries.

As for specific wineries within Napa Valley that we know for sure were used for filming, we can point you in the direction of three: Napa, St.Helena, and Sonoma.

In Napa, there are two wineries that were used for filming: the Mayacamas Vineyards, located at 1155 Lokoyo Road, and the Mount Veeder Winery, located at 1999 Mount Veeder Road.

In St.Helena, there were quite a few wineries used for filming, thanks to the beautiful scenery that they offered. The Beringer Vineyards, located at 1000 Pratt Avenue, the Redwood Cellar of the Charles Krug Winery, located at 2800 Main Street, and the Duckhorn Vineyards, located at 3027 Silverado Trail.

Finally, in Sonoma, they used the Haywood Vineyards for filming, and this is one of the favorite spots to stop at when touring filming locations, as they offer once of the best wine tours!

Other than these many wineries, they also filmed in the harbor known as San Pedro, located to the south of Los Angeles. As well as staging the iconic wine festival scene in the large courtyard of Pasadena City Hall, located at 100 North Garfield Avenue, in Pasadena, which is east of Los Angeles. 

Pasadena City Hall, where filming took place.